NJORD x Josefine Jørgensen: “Find what you love and do it”

Meet our ambassador, Josefine! Food aficionado, blogger and mama to be. According to Josefine it’s all about finding something you love and keep on doing it. We love it! Meet Josefine…

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 23, living in Copenhagen, and currently pregnant – waiting for a baby boy in May! I work with health communication and nutritional counseling. I’m a big food lover and I love to experiment in the kitchen. The three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are: frozen bananas, vanilla powder and cabbage. When I don’t cook, I like to run – it doesn’t have to be fast or far, but simply to clear my mind and enjoy the fresh air and it’s good for functional strength training too.

  1. How did you first become interested in nutritional counseling?

After I began experimenting with recipes in the “healthy kitchen”, I discovered how much delicious food I could prepare and still be healthy! The joy of preparing healthy food and teaching others about it was what drove me into nutritional counseling.

  1. What is your honest relationship to nutritional supplements?

I think it’s important to have a varied diet and try to get all the nutrients you need through food. But nutritional supplements are a good way of securing the vitamins and minerals you need but simply can’t get through food. For example, when you’re pregnant you need way more – which you can’t get through food alone. So taking nutritional supplements is a good option.

  1. In your opinion, what is the secret to living a balanced healthy life? And are you able to do it yourself?

It’s important to find and hold on to the things that make you feel good and you love. Focus on healthy food you love and enjoy – and find a training form that makes you happy and makes you want to go. After many years of struggling with finding a balance – I’ve been way too unhealthy and a bit too healthy – I have finally found my balance, where I feel good in both my lifestyle and my body.

  1. How do you become motivated to do what you do? And when are you feeling at your best?

What motivates me is seeing that I can help people find joy and easiness in living a healthier lifestyle – and when I succeed in that – I’m feeling at my best! I get so much energy and motivation when I feel the joy in people’s new lifestyles and their pride over managing some changes and do something good for themselves.

  1. What’s your Netflix’n’chill favourite to re-charge your batteries?

All series on Netflix or HBO that I watch with my boyfriend – really. We’ve just started watching Narcos, and I must confess we’ve been stuck to the couch since.


If you want to learn more about Josefine, check out her blog here or her beautiful Instagram: joosenjjj

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