Julie Bruun: What happened when I stopped taking fish oil!

Fish oil is a supplement that many people know is a good thing to take. However, people often forget it in their everyday life.

We asked our ambassador, Julie Bruun, share her experience with fish oil. She will also tell what happened when she stopped taking fish oil! Her story may be a reminder of the great benefits of taking fish oil…

Hi Julie! Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi, My name is Julie and I’m a NJORD ambassador.

To give a “small” introduction, I’m educated physiotherapist, diet advisor, and fitness instructor. I have a blog where I share healthy recipes. In addition to that, I have also published a cookbook. Last but not least, I’m in the process of taking an acupuncture course.

As you can hear, my profession and interests very much revolve around the human body and discovering what the conditions are which enable us to feel good both physically and mentally. In relation to that, I find diet and exercise hugely fascinating! Thus, I try to treat my body as well as possible, by primarily exercising and healthy eating.

You can read more about Julie Bruun on our blog here.

Why are fatty acids so important?

In relation to diet, you can look at the various nutrients you should get through it, such as fatty acids. Fatty acids can be divided into omega 3, 6 and 9. The human body is created to need as much omega 3 as omega 6. However, we don’t get that – actually far from! Omega 3 is super hard to get through diet, while omega 6 is very easy. Omega 6 is found in bread, oatmeal, and in many kinds of food.

Omega 3 is obtained through fish, but the problem with the fish commonly found in supermarkets is that more often than not, they are bred under poor conditions. Take fish farms for example, where they have been fed with cereals and soy protein instead of seaweed and algae, which is where the fish gets its omega 3 from.

So while you probably in good faith, eat fish and imagine how the body is filled with this healthy omega 3, it’s unfortunately commonly not the case. If you, however, still want to eat your way to omega 3 instead of taking supplements, choose wild-caught instead of farmed fish. But, if you want to make absolutely sure that you are getting as much Omega 3 as possible, fish oil supplements are an amazing option.

I keep talking about the importance of Omega 3, but what is the benefit of consuming Omega 3? Well, the list is long and includes positive effects on illnesses such as depression, arthritis, and asthma, just to name a few. But what I want to talk about is its anti-inflammatory properties.

My own experience with fish oil

I had been taking fish oil for a while and once I stopped, I experienced a huge negative impact. Let me tell you what happened…

One year ago, I started taking fish oil as a supplement. The reason for this was that I had learned through my education how healthy it is for our bodies to eat fish and how difficult these kinds of oils are to get naturally through a normal western diet.

The fish oil I started taking was from another company, it was more expensive than NJORD and it was not capsules, but some kind of shot that I really didn’t like! Despite the taste, I managed to continue taking it, plugging my nose the whole way through, because I had heard of the amazing health benefits. While I did not notice any effect in my body, I did notice that I had not gotten sick once. I didn’t even catch the seasonal flu bug, which seemed to take a hold of everyone around me. Instead of considering the effect of my fish oil supplements, I prided myself on my good immune system and didn’t think twice.

Because of the price, the horrible taste and the presumed lack of effect, I stopped taking the fish oil. I obviously can’t tell you for sure, but one month after I stopped taking it, I caught the flu, and couldn’t get rid of it, and also suffered from a mild ear infection. All of this was a sign of inflammation in my body which I think was down to me not getting my daily dosage of fish oil i.e. my anti-inflammation shot. And thus, I figured it was best to start taking supplements again!

My experience with NJORD

At the same time, NJORD wrote to me and asked if I was interested in trying their supplements – talk about perfect timing! Since I started taking fish oil again, and this time in small capsules, I haven’t been sick since nor have I had to deal with the not-so-tasty shot of pure fish oil.

Not only is NJORD’s fish oil a joy to take due to the capsule form, it is also affordable and high quality, with every fish, caught through sustainable fishing methods. And if you are interested in complementing your fish oil with multivitamins, Njord also offers personalized multivitamins! The best part is that all of your supplements are sent right to your door, with free postage.

The supplements are personalized in the sense that you take a test on njordnutrition.com, which defines how your supplements should be adjusted to your needs. On the first delivery, you get your supplements with two specially designed NJORD jars which enable you to have a decorative storing for your supplements. Not to mention it’s just better for the environment instead of keeping them in plastic boxes!

So, if you want to make it through fall and winter without reaching for the kleenex box five times a day, or if you are just interested in finding out what your body needs, then head over to Njord and take their test!

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