Josefine: How to eat healthy and stay fit after pregnancy

The pregnancy is over and now what?

We asked Josefine (Jose and the Food) to share some tips on how to eat well and stay fit after pregnancy. She will share her thoughts on the recent birth of her son and how her life and habits has changed.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing but it also entails huge changes to your life. We admire Josefine’s laid back and honest approach. In our view, she is a real super mom!

I’m often labelled as a super mom because I eat healthy and I manage to fit in some exercise, even though life as a mother is very new to me. I just think that I choose to spend my time wisely by prioritizing.

During my pregnancy, I had a lot of thoughts and expectations about my life on maternity leave with my baby. I thought I would get bored quickly if everything I did and saw had to do with baby-stuff. So I made myself a list of things I could do.

Now that Konrad has arrived (he is almost 6 months old, already(!)) and I’m on maternity leave with him, I really enjoy that everything is about baby-stuff. Almost everything…

I was really surprised how much I enjoy being on maternity leave and how hard it actually is! Because it really is hard work taking care of a little new-born. When he is awake he has my full attention – breastfeeding, diaper changes, comforting and playtime where I activate him. Also, a baby attracts much attention and a lot of social visits, and I’m almost more social then ever before. So I don’t think that my list will be necessary anymore.;-)

Prioritize your time – what makes you happy?

When Konrad is sleeping, and not sleeping on me, I can get my basic needs covered, like getting something to eat, a shower or even brushing my teeth. Besides my basic needs, everything practical at home also has to be done. I try to remember that even though I’m home all day, my job is to take care of Konrad and not cleaning up. I think it is important to talk with your other half about your expectations, so you have the same expectations. We have always shared the cleaning and stuff like that in our home, so why should that suddenly change? Instead, we have decided to clean together for a couple of hours every other weekend. No, our home does not always shine like normal, but that’s how we prefer it now and how we make it work at home.

I prioritize to exercise 2-3 times a week on the living room floor and do a healthy dinner. It’s about prioritizing the time you have, so that you use your time efficiently and on the most important things. I believe that I will be a better mother with more energy (and a surplus of it) if I exercise and eat healthy, rather then have a totally clean apartment.

I have a training program that works the entire body and only takes about 30 minutes (you can find a lot of fast training sessions on Google too). Sometimes I get it all done and a bath afterwards, sometimes I only manage half – but that’s life with a new-born; you never know what’s going to happen. I try to keep in mind that some exercise is better than nothing. I try not to be too ambitious with the intensity of the workouts as well as the number of times a week. This week I have also been on my first run in 4 months. It was a short trip, because my body needs to get used to running again. And because I have to get used to being away from the little one at home.

How I exercise:

  1. I put my training clothes on in the morning, that way I can train when I am able too, and when it fits into the programme. Konrad doesn’t have a fixed rhythm yet, so I never know when he will take a long nap. It’s about taking advantage of the ‘breaks’ you get.
  2. If you are not good at exercising by yourself at home, there are plenty of training opportunities for ‘new’ mothers, where the classes have time for comforting the baby or feeding it. For example, there are some outdoor exercise classes called PushyMoms and special sessions in training and yoga centres too.
  3. Walking with the stroller also provides good exercise. I don’t have time to take a walk everyday, so I walk with the stroller instead of driving or taking the bus.
  4. When I’m tired, and don’t feel up to exercising, I think about how great it makes me feel afterwards – and that always motivates me.

Planning and structure

Our everyday life is characterized by structure and planning, because for us, it is the key to making our life as a new family work. By doing that, we are sure to get everything done and still have time for the stuff we find most important.

To make sure we get a delicious and healthy dinner, I spend a little time every Sunday making a food plan for the coming week, with dishes that are simple and fast so it does not take too long to make. My boyfriend, Rasmus, is doing the grocery shopping on his way home from work on Mondays. It’s so easy and efficient so you don’t spend time on it everyday, and it fits perfectly into a life when time is precious. It takes a little time to make the plan, but I really think it’s worth the time.

I love to cook, so I’m making dinner while Rasmus and Konrad are spending time together. They both enjoy this very much. I always make extra dinner so I have leftovers for lunch the following day. It doesn’t take much longer to make a little extra and then I don’t have to cook lunch. Bonus!

Structure is the key to eating healthy:

  • Make a food plan for next week on Sundays.
  • Buy big once a week, instead of shopping everyday.
  • Make large portions and eat leftovers for lunch.
  • Keep it simple – make simple and fast dinner.
  • Always have basic good healthy ingredients in your kitchen. If it’s just as fast to make something healthy when compared to buying something, it is easier to take the healthy choice.


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