NJORD Amino Iron


Fewer gastrointestinal complaints

Traditional iron supplements can cause gastrointestinal issues. NJORD Amino Iron is based on Ferrochel, which has proved to lower the issues.


High efficacy & bioavailability

NJORD Amino Iron is 2-4 times more efficient than traditional iron supplements. This means you can take smaller doses and still get the same effect.


Particularly suitable during pregnancy

A vast majority of pregnant women are having stomach issues due to their iron supplement. NJORD Amino Iron does not cause such issues, making it a good choice during pregnancy.


Fewer gastrointestinal side effects

NJORD Amino Iron is based on Ferrochel that uses ferrous bisglycinate chelate as iron source. The use of Ferrochel results in fewer gastrointestinal issues, which is a benefit for people troubled by constipation, bloating and nausea when taking traditional iron supplements. This finding is supported by a number of independent studies.


Higher bioavailability

The NJORD Amino Iron has a 2-4 times higher bioavailability compared to other sources of iron. The iron is bound to amino acids, which increases the absorption of the iron through the intestinal wall. Compared to other iron products, a lower dosage of NJORD Amino Iron is therefore needed as it is combined with amino acids.


Safe to use

Dependening on your current iron status, your body will self-adjust the absorption of ferrous bisglycinate chelate. If you have a good iron status, the iron absorption is down regulated, e.g. following increased iron content in your diet. Likewise, if you are deficient of iron, the body is able to increase the iron uptake more than three-fold. Therefore – you only absorb what you need.


No any animal ingredients

The NJORD amino iron is a vegan friendly and Kosher certified product since it does not contain any animal ingredients.


Does not react with other nutrients

NJORD Amino Iron does not carry any electrical charge like other iron salts. Other iron sources might limit the uptake and efficacy of important nutrients, such as calcium. Amino iron does not react with other nutrients and is digested further down the gastrointestinal tract, which enhances absorption.


One capsule is enough

One capsule consists of 25 mg of iron in the form of ferrous bisglycinate chelate, which is enough in most cases to prevent iron deficiency. However, consult your general practitioner if you are iron deficient.

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