Frequently asked questions

Why choose NJORD?

With NJORD you get a personalized product matched to your needs. Taking supplements should not feel like being on 5 different prescriptions drugs. Therefore, all our products are in one or two capsules a day. Besides the actual supplements, we also give you the beautiful NJORD jar where you can store your supplements in. Last but not least we have made everything easy for you - every 2nd month we send you new supplements directly in your mailbox.

Why personalized supplements? Are they better compared to the supplements I can find in the drugstores or supermarkets?

Many supplements in the supermarkets and drugstores are very broad generic products not aimed at your needs. They might contain too little or way too much of some vitamins and minerals compared to what you need. Getting a personalized supplement makes sure that your actual needs are considered and that you get a product that matches.

How do I get my NJORD personalized supplements?

By answering our online test, we estimate where you have potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your diet. From your answers in the test, we recommend a product that matches your individual needs. Simple and easy.

Can I buy my personalized NJORD supplements other places than here?

No, we only sell our products via this webpage as we need your test answers to give you the product you need. By only selling products online, we keep our prices down and quality up.

What does personalized mean?

Personalized means that we match your answers from the test with one of the products we have developed. This is also the reason you might experience that we do not have a product that match your needs. We are continously expanding our product range to be able to serve more customers.

Does NJORD supplements contain lactose or gluten?

No, NJORD supplements do not contain any lactose or gluten making it a good choice for intolerant and allergic individuals.

Does NJORD supplements contain animal ingredients?

None of our vitamins or minerals contain any animal ingredients. Our fish oil….- is made of fish.

Are NJORD products free from GMO?

Yes – all our products are free from GMO.

What if my life changes? If I get pregnant or change my dietary habits?

You simply update your test and then we re-evaluate your answers. If you need another product you can update it and receive it by your next shipment.

What do I do if I want to delay my next shipment?

You can easily postpone your next shipment. Go to “MY PROFILE” -> “Test & product”. From here you can postpone your next shipment.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription if you do not want to continue your NJORD subscription. Go to “MY PROFILE” -> “Test & product”. From here you can cancel your subscription. You will then only pay for the two months of supply that you received with your last shipment.

How do a change my name, address, email, password etc.?

From “MY PROFILE” you can change all of this.

How do I change my credit card information?

Go to “MY PROFILE” -> “Order history” -> click on “View” on your active subscription. Here you can click “Change payment” and update your credit card details.