Dance! It’s good for your health!

We dance! We’ve always done it and we’ll keep doing it! Because dancing is good for you! It’s healthy and it makes you happy. Some of our ambassadors supports a Danish initiative called “Dans Det Ud”. It translates directly into “Dance It Out” but could be better translated as “Dance for your health”. A fantastic initiative which we can only support (look for #dansdetud or #duernok). It is mainly about freedom but for us it is very much also about health. Both physically and mentally.

Dance for your health (#DansDetUd or #DuErNok)

There’s a lot of fantastic initiatives out there and these two are no less than in the top of all. Because it’s not about beautiful breakfast bowls, avocado toasts or flat stomachs. It’s about being you! Irrespective of whether you can dance or not, it’s about letting go, letting your body decide and put a giant smile on your lips. These initiatives live everyday and among others by some of our ambassadors:

Sofielafille, carolinethorsfelt, femmeemilie og migogmintinderbaby - Dans det ud

And we love at NJORD! Because dancing is not just good for your soul – it is extremely healthy! It’s not a coincidence that Zumba became so popular. It’s a great way to combine fun and physical exercise.

5 great reasons to dance

There’s a lot of different things we can link to physical movement but we would like to highlight some that are really fantastic. Dancing is fun! And everybody can join. And with dancing comes these wonderful things:

  1. Dancing reduces the risk of demensia

A study from The New England Journal of Medicine shows that a certain part of the brain is deteriorating slower then normal by dancing on a weekly basis. If you feel in your nerdy corner, you can read it here.

  1. Lower stress levels

According to a study in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, the researchers found that dancing with a partner and musical accompaniment can help bring about stress relief. In addition, there’s a tendency among researchers to link social activity with lower stress levels as well. So, if you dance with others and use it as a social activity, it too has a positive effect on your stress levels.

  1. Enhanced balance

In addition to physical shape, the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity also found an improved balance among the test subjects. You can read it here. As many injuries amongst the elderly are the result of a fall, this is not a bad place to improve.

  1. Improved cardiovascular health

The same study concludes that improved cardiovascular health was one of the results from dancing. In  a world where our lifestyle is generally increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, this is important to include.

  1. Everybody can dance

Okay – there is scientific evidence that this is true but as long as the body is moving in some sort of rhythmic motion, we think it’s dancing. And the health benefits are not linked to your skill but simply if you do it or not. That’s why we love initiatives like “Dance for your health”. Look up the hashtag #dansdetud or #duernok on instagram and get some lovely inspiration for a lovely day.


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