Apr 19

Folic acid, women and pregnancy: Just in case…

By: Alexander / Health, Nutrition

Folic acid and pregnancy? Better safe than sorry - most women in the childbearing age should consume 400 micrograms of...


Ambassadors, Health, Lifestyle | 19 Mar '19

Eat well and stay fit after pregnancy

Josefine: How to eat healthy and stay fit after pregnancy

The pregnancy is over and now what? We asked Josefine (Jose and the Food) to share some tips on how...

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Ambassadors, Health, Lifestyle | 23 Apr '18

Dans det ud - Du er nok

Dance! It’s good for your health!

We dance! We've always done it and we'll keep doing it! Because dancing is good for you! It's healthy and...

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Lifestyle | 20 Mar '18

udmattelse træning

How to avoid fatigue during exercise…

Whether you just started to work out or you are a professional athlete, there is one thing that puts a...

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Health | 20 Mar '18

important nutrients when doing sports? Here’s our top list

You have probably heard someone saying “If you exercise, it doesn’t matter what you eat”? When instead, the opposite is...

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Health, Lifestyle | 12 Jan '18

4 Good reasons to why algae oil is a great alternative to fish oil

Fish oil has gained in popularity due to its high content of DHA and EPA, which are mainly known for...

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Health | 11 Jan '18

how to get that six-pack

How to get a six pack? – 5 tips from the health expert!

Have you been working for months in the gym with no sign of that famous six pack? Then you might...

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Foods, Health, Lifestyle | 8 Jan '18

A Calorie? 3 things you should know! Especially if you’re trying to lose weight

“A calorie is just a calorie” is a saying often proclaimed in regards to calories and weight loss. Considering the...

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Health | 15 Dec '17

What nutrients do you need more of during the winter season?

Winter Vitamins: What your body needs more of during the winter… (2/2)

In this second part about vitamins for the winter, we will address the functions and effects of folate and fish...

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Health, Nutrition | 15 Dec '17

Winter Vitamins: What your body needs more of during the winter

Winter Vitamins: What your body needs more of during the winter… (1/2)

There are enough reasons to love winter… The coziness with candles, walks in nature, drinking warm drinks, the holidays with...

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Health | 8 Nov '17

Can I get too many vitamins? 1 thing you need to know!

Can I consume too many vitamins? – 1 thing you need to know!

The question often pops up: are too many vitamins dangerous? It is not easily answered but too much of certain...

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