Apr 19

Folic acid, women and pregnancy: Just in case…

By: Alexander / Health, Nutrition

Folic acid and pregnancy? Better safe than sorry - most women in the childbearing age should consume 400 micrograms of...


Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition | 25 Sep '17

NJORD: Nyt studie bekræfter teori om at indtag af kosttilskud kan forebygge underskud af vitaminer og mineraler.

New study: Supplements prevent nutrient deficiencies

New study supports the ability of supplements to decrease nutritional inadequacies. The study compared a large group of people taking...

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Ambassadors, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition | 8 Sep '17

Julie Bruun: what happened when I stopped taking fish oil!

Julie Bruun: What happened when I stopped taking fish oil!

Fish oil is a supplement that many people know is a good thing to take. However, people often forget it...

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Health | 17 Aug '17

The Myth of Vitamin C - Can it prevent and cure colds?

The vitamin C myth: Can it prevent or cure colds?

Vitamin C – one of the most common vitamins discussed. What is up and down? Do mega doses cure anything...

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Health | 30 Jul '17

how to get that six-pack

How to get that six-pack? Our Health Expert has the answer!

Have you been working for months in the gym with no sign of that famous six pack? You might began...

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Ambassadors, Health, Lifestyle | 12 Jul '17

Maria x Team Rynkeby x NJORD,

Team Rynkeby x Maria Høyer: 1,300 km bike ride to Paris

Cycling is a great way to exercise. Our ambassador, Maria Høyer, takes it a step further with Team Rynkeby. Cycling...

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Foods, Health, Nutrition | 4 Jul '17

Rich foods – Julie Bruun – Salad

Rich foods – Julie Bruun: Salad with fennel, avocado, blueberries and pine seeds

Do you also find it difficult to get enough vitamins and minerals? Food to the rescue! Julie Bruun shares her...

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Ambassadors, Health, Lifestyle | 28 Jun '17

Julie Bruun - NJORD - what is a healthy life to you? Julie gives her viewpoint.

NJORD x Julie Bruun: “A healthy and balanced life”

Meet Julie Bruun! A wonderful person who juggles a lot of stuff. To name a few, she is physiotherapist, mum,...

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Foods, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition | 20 Jun '17

Jernunderskud og kvinder: Hvordan opnår du optimalt jernindtag?

Iron deficiency and women: How do you achieve the optimal iron intake?

Women are more exposed to iron deficiency than men due to losses through menstrual bleedings. Most women do not consume...

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Ambassadors, Health, Lifestyle | 15 Jun '17

Outdoor bootcamp

It’s summer! Here are some tips for an outdoor workout with Sidsel Godsk

We asked one of our favourite fitness pros, Sidsel Godsk, about her workout tips to blast calories outside of the...

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Ambassadors, Lifestyle | 16 May '17

NJORD Ambassador: Louise Sandø

NJORD x Louise Sandø: “Health is about physical and mental balance”

Meet our newest ambassador, Louise! Besides being behind Aarhus’ largest food critics portal, “Smag Aarhus”, she loves cooking, baking and...

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